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The Universal Grinder VisiGrind™ K-SM180 is your low cost solution for tool sharpening. The see through wheel provides great eye hand coordination as you see the grinding operation as it progresses. The diamond coated wheel is applicable to types of materials:

  • Tool Steels of all grades, HSS, HSSE, Cobalt Steels, Solid Carbide.
  • Metals like Stainless Steel, Materials, Brass, Cooper, Aluminum, and more.
  • In addition, you can use it to grind non-metallic materials like ceramics, stone or glass.

You can sharpen tools of all kinds: Screwdriver blades, Drills, Woodworking tools, tools for turning and milling, saw-blades, knifes, chisel blades, planer blades, and more. 

The unique, patented clear-view grinding wheel of the K-SM180 is transparent to your eyes when running. You can see through the wheel while working and you are visually in control.  This gives you superior control of what you are doing. With your own eyes, you see the action and you get immediate feedback of the grinding in action, as you always wanted.  Aiding your ability to quickly learn and perfect your skills. Now you can see how you create perfect grinding results.

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With the built in vacuum connection you can attach your own vacuum unit or industrial vacuum units, and you provide a cleaner and safer work area.  

You can grind or sharpen all this without the need to exchange grinding wheels.

VisiGrind™ K-SM180
Professional Clear View Bench Grinder

The clear-view grinder VisiGrind™ K-SM180 is a high quality universal bench grinder in heavy-duty design with a vertical running precision grinding spindle. The total weight of 8kg / 19.8 lbs. is proving its durability.  The base is equipped with mounting holes to secure it best to your working surface. The clear-view grinder K-SM 180 ships complete, with magnifying lamp and one patented diamond coated grinding wheel.

The grinding wheel is diamond coated on all sides in the grinding area.  Modern, advanced grinding wheel material technology makes it possible. The thin-walled wheel is equipped with holes, which create a cooling airflow in addition to making the grinding operation visible. The cooling action aids to extend the grinding wheel life and better prevents your tools from softening, (annealing) during grinding. The high quality grinding wheel and the large diamond coated area provides long lasting grinding action. The diamond coating surrounds the grinding wheel core on all sides in the grinding area. Flipping the wheel over to the other side extends the overall wheel life. 

Tool sharpening was never as easy as with the Clear-View Grinder VisiGrind™K-SM 180.
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