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Is a Drill Sharpener Cost Effective?

If drill bits are used on a CNC machine, or in a manual drilling machine, a sharp drill bit with a perfect concentric drill point provides the best results for hole quality and tool life. 
A sharp drill is faster, creates a cleaner hole, consumes less power and adds to the safety of the user. 
A correctly concentric drill point gives you also round holes and assist in a smooth chatter free drilling operation, for best quality results.
And with a drill sharpener on hand you can eliminate time consuming trips to the store.

In summary: The SharperDrills™ grinder is more than reducing you the cost for a new drill. It saves you much more time by eliminating unscheduled downtime situations and overall faster better drilling performance than working with dull drills.

A great cost savings overall

Metal Cutting Solutions, Inc.
9674 Colerain Avenue, Ste. 318
Cincinnati, Ohio 45251

E-mail: Info@mcsshop.com

Drill Sharpener

Two flute drills, twist drills, up to 1/2 inch

Standard point & Split point sharpening

Perfect drill point for everyone

How do you benefit from sharpening drill bits?

Perfect centered, sharp drill bits are great. They cut holes better and more quickly without burs than overused ones, while saving energy.  Everyone knows how frustrating it can be if you lost the sharp edge and no replacement is in sight. If your drill broke or is getting dull, because of a material defect, you just overused it, or it was just the one and only you found in your tool chest; you are losing time. It does not matter if you are working on your hobby, or as a professional, it will cost you time and money and no relief in sight other than going to the hardware store, which hopefully is close.
SharperDrills™  easy to use, dependable and reliable, quickly set up drill sharpener can help. That is what we supply. A line of quality drill sharpener models to perfectly sharpen your drills, and saving you money by doing so. Stop and take a look at our quality, industrial strength and most important easy to use drill sharpeners. All SharperDrills™ models are built as durable, high quality grinder inall metal, easy to carry design.  Metal Cutting Solutions provides tools and support to help you keep your drills in good condition. We recommend the SharperDrills™  drill bit sharpener, if you want a reliable, very easy and simple to use, quality drill point grinder.

Metal Cutting Solutions, Inc.
9674 Colerain Avenue, Ste. 318
Cincinnati, Ohio 45251

E-mail: Info@mcsshop.com

Drill Bit Sharpener with Economical Productivity
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VisiGrind™ K-SM180

Universal tool and cutter grinder.

More than a regular bench grinder.

Perforated see-through grinding wheel

Drill Sharpener - Pro 3 

Two flute drill, twist drills, up to 1 inch

Standard point & Split point sharpening

plus heel grinding

Perfect drill points for everyone

Professional Drill Sharpener
Tool and Cutter Grinder


SpotWeld drill Sharpener

Rapid Radial Drill - the easy to use Radial Drilling Machine.

SHARERDRILLS™ Drill Sharpener DGS Line

Free Support

Profi Drill Sharpener

Multi-facet drill point sharpening plus

standard point & split point drill shapenger

two sizes - 1/2 inch and 1 inch models