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Band saw MachineS

* Scissor type horizontal bandsaw

* Double column horizontal bandsaw

* Vertical bandsaw

* Miter-saw - Horizontal and Vertical

* ire-Saw and other Special Bandsaws

DONAU Rapid Radial Drills
SharperDrills - professional drill sharpener and grinder


Find fresh ideas. Your outside the box view about changing technologies

* Heavy Duty Turning

* Large Scale Milling

* Deep Hole Drilling

When you need something more .....

Advancing your production with tailored state of the art machines and methods. Metal Cutting Solutions helps you to determine the best fit, working together with leading German Machine Tool Manufactuers.

JAESPA the Bandsaw Experts
ALZMETALL Machine Tools drive productivity


Ideal to increase flexibility with easy use features and more productivity.

Manual or CNC.

Ideal for:

* Tool Room

* Service and Repair Shop

* one-off or Low Volume __Flexible Production

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Column Drills

Rapid Radial Drills

Gang Drilling Machines

CNC Milling Machines

3-Axis, 4-Axis & 5 Axis

3-D Milling & MultiTasking - top dynamic 

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