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Jaespa Tire-Saws

Proven design, options to customize

Inspection Cuts  for Truck and Car Tires

Jaespa Circular Bandsaw

Special Bandsaw Uses.

e.g. cutting round shapes

                                                           Industrial Bandsaw solutions

Vertical Bandsaws

Fixed Frame Type

manuell, semi-automatic, automatic models

Vertical Miter Bandsaws

manuell, semi-automatic, automatic models

Metal Cutting Solutions, Inc.
9674 Colerain Avenue, Ste. 318
Cincinnati, Ohio 45251

E-mail: Info@mcsshop.com

Horizontal Bandsaws

Double Column

manuell, semi-automatic, automatic models

JAESPA News and in "The News":

JAESPA - focusing on customer needs for quality products and solutions. 
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November 25, 2010 - Jaespa supplies precision saw  for large rings. 
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October 10, 2010 - Jaespa has Gigantic Tire Band Saw in final assembly.
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August 1, 2010 - Jaespa Horizontal Bandsaw COMPACT 3 sucess story:
    - My Cup Of Tea.  Click here for more details. 
June 15, 2010 - Jaespa opens bandsaw cutting technology center,
     - equipped with advanced testing and research capacity. 
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March 4, 2010 - New bandsaw models introduced on METAV 2010: 
    Classic 420DGS and Comfort 401A-NC. For Details and METAV review: 
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February 12, 2006 - JAESPA has the band saw for every application.

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Movable Sawbow 

For applications requiring variable transport via overhead crane or handling devise

JAESPA Factory, Spangenberg, Germany


The JAESPA Maschinenfabrik Karl Jäger GmbH is located in Spangenberg, Germany.  Founded in 1957, it began to produce horizontal bandsaws and vertical bandsaws for industrial metal cutting applications, and specialized in this industry. Since that time, JAESPA bandsaws have earned the company a quality reputation all over the world.  Today,  JAESPA employs a team of more than 40 highly qualified and motivated individuals, and manufactures bandsaws in horizontal and vertical designs, and in all automation grades. Besides cutting of all types of metal, JAESPA also delivers bandsaw machinery for applications cutting other materials than metals, like composites, rubber, glass, graphite, silicon, and ceramics, thus expanding on the original goal to manufacture metal saw machinery. The full line of standard machines includes also miter bandsaws with options available for completing two different angles in one cut.

As JAESPA concentrates on economic sawing solutions to customer needs, the wide ranging bandsaw  program is complimented with material handling, in-feeding, out-feeding, measuring equipment, and automation. This includes  complete sawing system solutions.  For most machinery is exported worldwide, JAESPA maintains a partner network in nearly all industrial nations worldwide. From application support to engineering, and new machine sales, the JAESPA agencies work in close corporation with JAESPA and thus are able to promptly act to customer demands for support and spare parts.Type your paragraph here.Type your paragraph here.

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Metal Cutting Solutions, Inc.
9674 Colerain Avenue, Ste. 318
Cincinnati, Ohio 45251

E-mail: Info@mcsshop.com

Horizontal Bandsaws

Fixed saw frame, scissor type

Miter saw frame, scissor type