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Large - CNC Milling Machines

HEYLIGENSTAEDT - Short Company History

It starts in 1876, with Louis Heyligenstaedt and Alexander Sartorius in Giessen, Germany. The beginning of a rich history and long tradition in building quality XXL Machine Tools. For over 135 Years HEYLIGENSTAEDT continues the goal to supply productive machine tools setting class standards for “Quality Made In Germany”. This is proven by the many machines installed all over the globe. Throughout troubled times of the past, like the big recession of the early 1900th and the many consolidations in the 1990ties to name a few, Heyligenstaedt succeeded as a successful machine tool company and took profit also from merging other well-known designs, like Ravensburg, or Hermann Kolb into their machinery. The result is what is offered today, even more competitive machine tools, exceptional technology features, field-proven, precise, and reliable.

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Slant Bed, Multi-Tasking Lathes, Flat-Bed
Twin Facing and Facing Lathes

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Conventional or HSC Milling Machines
Adjustable or Fixed Crossrail and Systems

Tradition in Machine Tool Manufacturing
XXL- Part machining - our Specialty

CNC Multi-Spnidle and Deep Hole Drilling
Gun-Drilling and BTA Methods

MCS - HEYLIGENSTAEDT - Milling Machines

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Heavy-Duty - CNC Turning Machines 

Deep Hole Drilling Machines

Quality begins with in house experiences transferred throughout generations.  Key components are made in house. 

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