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Rapid Radial Drill - sophisticated simplicity - robust & reliable

Low Operating Cost - Longevity - Great Resale Value

Large Work Area Reach -  "Use like a moving drill press"

Metal Cutting Solutions is a partner of DONAU MACHINE TOOLS  in North America.
Contact us for original DONAU parts, service, applications, and machines.
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DONAUAlpha Rapid Radial Drill 

The easy to use manual drill for every tool room

Donau Machine Tools USA - Made in Germany

Donaualpha with Position Guide

  • Evolve the basic design with an intuitive position display & guide

  • Axis upgraded with measuring system feedback
  • Polar-cordinate and cartesian-coordiante systems with transfer
  • Two step manual clamping functions
  • Semi-automatic axis clamping for guided manual positioning
  • Semi-automatic position guidance from stored cycles
  • Copy part features into repeatable positioning cycles
  • Automatic part alignment | Eliminate scribing | Store part cycles 
  • Probing and measuring features - display results
  • Ideal for repair and service shops


More Rapid, More easy to Use, Most simple to maintain

  1. DONAU - "Floating Headstock" for easy, rapid positioning
  2. Hydraulic push bottom clamping/release function improves speed and quality
  3. Robust mechanical design with geared spindle and 18 selectable speeds 
  4. Self-centering features to speed up the process
  5. 1, 2, or 3 work areas around column optimize floor space and increase flexibility
  6. Immediate readiness for different work setting according to you work area configuration 
  7. Headstock with operator controls at the face of machine for best operator control with ideal ergonomics
  8. and the list goes on ....

New Option: Programmable Position Display with 

                       Operator Guidance

  • Quick Part Setting
  • Part Positioning-Cycle Memory - Storage & Recall
  • No Programming Knowledge - Intuitive Functionality
  • Can eliminate Scribing or Centering Preparation
  • Adds Measuring Features 

DONAUAlpha - Quality Results - Easy to Use

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* Features may vary based on options selected.

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