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ALZMETALL Radial drills

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ALZMETALL - Company History Overview

Building precision Machine tools since its foundation in 1945, ALZMETALL designs and manufactures drilling machines for the metal working industry. Renowned worldwide for its outstanding quality and reliability, the ALZMETALL drilling machines have gained the position as a market leader. Their innovative features, provide a smooth running precision spindle, the ease of operation and the rigidity required to drill and tap to the high quality standards of the metal working industry. Today, just as 60 years ago, these ALZMETALL drilling machines are one of the most versatile, universal tools, every metal cutting operation needs. If used for a quick repair job, or to recover a damaged part, or to add an economical process to a manufacturing cycle, ALZMETALL users enjoy its dependability and accuracy worldwide.

Metal Cutting Solutions, Inc.
9674 Colerain Avenue, Ste. 318
Cincinnati, Ohio 45251

E-mail: Info@mcsshop.com

Metal Cutting Solutions, Inc.
E-mail: Info@mcsshop.com

Quality starts with quality processes throughout, and most important with the quality the people produce, from the base up. With machine tools that are the castings. That is why ALZMETALL machines shine with quality made in Germany, leading in performance according to the company goal. 

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ALZMETALL Milling Machines



The machines are produced from scratch in many sizes and configurations. The one and only ALZMETALL reinforced cast column is uniquely integrated with the machine head and the solid machine base to create a most durable configuration, even when high tool pressures are applied. Most standard models include a speed display to allow the selection of the ideal spindle speed, indefinitely variable. Just tune in the RPM with the unique speed lever without stopping the machine. ALZMETALL offers many machine options and accessories for you to select as desired, in order to fit specific needs.
In addition to drilling machines, ALZMETALL is also known for their line of computer numerically controlled (CNC) milling machines, of which the ALZMETALL G800 CNC machine has been awarded the prize for the most innovative design in Germany in 2002. The milling machines also start with an ALZMETALL casting. Utilizing modern casting facilities, the casting process is based on the long standing ALZMETALL experience, to guarantee the highest quality. Then, to further secure the machines' precision, the required machining operations are carried out in the ALZMETALL precision machining department. The ALZMETALL G800 has been complemented with other CNC models, all offering options for 5-axis machining with a direct driven table design, utilizing the latest torque motor technology. This table makes the ALZMETAL a true multitasking machine by integrating full featured truning operations. The ALZMETALL G series machines not only achieve a superior roughing performance in their class, but they are also best suited for high speed milling applications with up to 1.7G performance. With a table size rated at 40" in diameter, the ALZMETALL G series machines are used for many applications in the industry and are another example of a great universal machine tool every job shop needs today.
NEW in 2011: Larger Workaera GS and GX series milling machines, more features for 3D contouring. Highest accuracies at higher speeds, Alzmetall drives higher productivity to a larger work envelope.
New in 2012: Upgrade of Alzsprint 30 rapid radial drilling machine with more drilling capacity and optional NC operator guide and position display thus additing the capability to eliminate scribing.

In 2008 ALZMETALL acquired the Donau Machine Tool Company and strengthens their market position, complementing their product lines with DONAU RAPID RADIAL DRILLING machines. Rapid Radial Drills are more rapid than radial drills for better efficiency paired with effectiveness. 
Besides being a recognized manufacturer of new machine tools, ALZMETALL is also a supplier of quality castings. Alzmetall which supplies castings to all German car manufacturers and also to GM and Ford continues to investment into the foundry business unit. In September 2009 ALZMETALL achieved certification as product manufacturer for rail car products for casting, heat treatment, and manufacturing of casing components to DIN EN 1564 from the German Railroad Company, the Deutsche Bahn AG.
The combination of these business units, together with the modern machining capabilities, makes ALZMETALL an outstanding German Company, capable of controlling and building the highest quality in the industry.