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Metal Cutting Solutions' goal is to provide innovative, productive solutions for the metal working industry, and for the machining of composite components. We believe that a reliable and accurate process is one of the key factors for success in the making of quality parts. To stay competitive in today's business world, only an economical solution can provide the basis for financial success. With this in mind, we are searching to offer our customers machine tools, accessories, fixtures and tooling which fit this goal. We strive to match customer applications benefiting by their use. Besides expertise with industrial machinery and processes, we have extensive experience in supplying spare parts especially for German built machine tools.

Our History

Metal Cutting Solutions (MCS-INC) was established in March 2001, to support machine lines formerly represented by Fritz Werner USA and Burkhardt+Weber USA. This secured that the customers of many German Machine Tool Builders like: SHW, Burkhardt+Weber, Fritz Werner, Hermann Kolb, Max Müller, Böko and others were able to enjoy US based support. MCS-INC offers cost-effective service for spare parts, field service, phone service, as well as sales and application engineering. In addition, Metal Cutting Solution has increased the range of products to include parts for other German machine tool brands, based on its expertise of the European Market and their Industrial Standards. Based on the in-depth engineering knowledge with Metric and DIN components, we are serving many customers with industrial parts, spares and alternate components out of Germany and Europe today. Further we have successfully managed the move of large machinery and provided training to customers such as Siemens, Metalex, General Motors, Caterpillar and others.

Today, we look back at over 15 years in experiences. We are representing ALZMETAl, DONAU, JAESPA and other German Machine Tool manufacturers and supply parts and service for a whole range of new and obsolete machines - made in Germany. That is our specialty.

For drills we supply manual desk top drill sharpeners. Customers in CNC shops and all types of industries depend on the fast, accurate results in drill sharpening. Everyone can achieve professional results. Even automotive spot weld drills are sharpened quickly for new professional results. - Extremely cost effective and quick.

Taks a look at www.sharperdrills.com or call us for support and advise.

If you need parts or industrial supplies, Made In Germany, METAL CUTTING SOLUTIONS is your best source. 

We offer help for difficult to find parts, provide engineering support, service, and suggestions for replacement, upgrades, and more. 

Just provide us with your product specifications, pictures or other related information, and we do the rest.