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 The Centerdrill Company stands for expertise in flow drilling, flow Forming, form drilling, thermal friction drilling, stir friction drilling. To find out more visit: with centertap
Metal Cutting Solutions, Inc.

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The Thread-Forming Process:

When working with CENTERDRILL thermal friction drilling, the CENTERTAP thread former is the tap to use for "cutting" the thread. Made from Solid Carbide materials it cold forms the thread in a tapping like operation. CENTERTAP thread former are sized for general applications and perform best with the our recommended thread forming lube.

CENTERTAP is the CenterDrill tested tool for generating threads in thin-walled metals and are available in inch and metric sizes. 

centertap: Thread-Former - Better than taps,

especially when working with work-hardening materials.

  • Thread forming is a chip free manufacturing process and thus improves the process reliability.
  • Threadformer create no cutting chips which eliminates tool breakages by cutting-chips.
  • Thread formed threads are stronger.
  • Forming re-arranges the material grain and creates a work hardened surface structure.
  • Theadformer create stronger threads with over torque capability. 
  •  Higher pull out forces for better product quality.
  • Thread formed threads wear and tear less.
  • Thread forming means a more secure fit, even after multiple re-connections.
  • Formed threads for higher accuracy.
  • Eliminate oversized threads caused from re-cutting chips.
  • Thread former taps are 3 to 10 times faster than tapping to improve your efficiency.
  • Centertap Thread Former have 3 to 20 times longer tool life, to save you money. 
  • Centertap Thread Former are TiN coated, for even more tool life and better functioning.
  • TiN coating reduces friction and results to less burrs and scoring.

 Major Advantages of Thread Forming


      1. Chipless Process

      2. Stronger Threads

      3. Better In Holding Size  

      5. Longer Tool Live

      6. Faster Process

      7. More Economical Production

      9. Ability for Non-Lead Screw Threads


Thread-Former - The Basics 


Threadformer are used like taps to make threads. The thread forming process is best described as chipless tapping. Thread former taps are cold forming tools and are sometimes also called thread rolling tools. Because the thread former pushes its thread form into the material it forms the material into a thread without creating chip. This makes this type of tapping operation much more reliable than regular tapping, and ideal for automation.

The Technical Details for Creating Threads:

Tapping, thread milling, or thread forming are mostly used to manufacture threads in metal parts. All these processes start with a rotating tool. For low volume applications, manual tapping by hand is used, but for larger diameter threads or higher production quantities, this is not economical and requires the help of machine tools. The process calls for automation by using either floor or bench mounted radial drills, or special tapping machines, or CNC or other programmable machine tools. 


Example Thermal Friction Drilling,

and Thead Forming Machine.

To make the process reliable, tapping fluids are added, to improve the reliability and to reduce the overall torque needed for the cut. However a tap will break when the maximum torque it can handle is exceeded. This can occur because of tool wear, insufficient lubrication, material defects, or when cutting chips are getting into the cut.  Cutting chips are also often the cause for oversized threads. This makes tapping a most un-reliable automated cutting process.  In addition, when taps break, and this often un-expected, it stops the machines. Besides interrupting the production process, the extractiion of the remaining tool sections creates a lot of ineffective work or is causes scrap parts.

Especially for an automated process, this reduces the economics greatly. To overcome this, one choice is to generate the threads by thread milling on CNC machining centers. 

Thread milling is very reliable for automation and generates great looking threads but is somewhat difficult to apply with smaller thread diameters. In addition, the high investment costs for CNC machines make thread milled threads costly. Another more reliable way to make threads is using  a threadformer to form the thread. This method is also applicable for small diameters and when only simple drilling or tapping machines are available. Thread forming with centertap threadformer is a cold forming process and given the right material, it benefits not only automation, but improves the material strength by compressing it. This makes tread forming a very economical, quick and reliable alternative to tapping or thread-milling overall.



centertap thread former - Your advantage!

Faster - better tool life - higher process safety

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Metal Cutting Solutions, Inc.

9674 Colerain Avenue, Ste. 318

Cincinnati, Ohio 45251