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Metal Cutting Solutions Inc.

Productive Solutions for the Metal Working Industry

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Universal CNC Machining Centers

Travelling Column for Boring Mills + Milling Machines

Metal Cutting Solutions, Inc.

9674 Colerain Avenue, Ste. 318

Cincinnati, Ohio 45251



Universal Machine Tools with Multitasking Capabilities.
Founded in 1365 SHW has been in business for over 600 years and has maintained a reputation ever since. Today the SHW Machine Tool Company offers a wide range of universal state-of-the-art machine tools for the metal removing industries with exceptional multasking capablities. Companies from all industires, automotive, machine tool and aerospace industries, construction and mining industriies, turbine and engine manufacturers, and in particular job shops employ SHW machines. Since the 1930ies, SHW strives to perfect the universal machine tool. Starting with manual concepts to today's modern CNC controlled machines, the SHW machines are regarded for their ulitmate flexiblity and outstanding performance. Based on this rich experience, and the capabilities of today's modern CNC Controls, the SHW concept is better than ever. Today's Controls add even more flexiblity, capability and best or all, user-fiendliness making it a perfect machine for every application. This SHW flexibility is a must for every Job-Shop, advancing most boring mill applicatons toward a higher level of productivity.
The Head That Makes it an Universal Machine Tool.

Flexible CNC Machine Tools in Four Basic Concepts


Ÿ Workcube 78x78x43inches

Ÿ One block base design, easy to move and to install,no special machine foundation required.

Ÿ Unique box in box gantry design.


Ÿ Workcube starting at 78x78x64 inches to 99ft x 6ft x 7ft

Ÿ Extendable traveling column design combining high capacity with high speed capabilities.


Ÿ Workcube starting at 120x100x64 inches to 99ft x 14ft x 9ft

Ÿ Extandable traveling column design, strong and powerfull for large machining applicaitons

UniForce 7 Series


Ÿ Workcube starting at 240 x 140 x 70 inches

to 99ft x 18ft x 11ft

Ÿ Extendable traveling column desing, most powerfull, when largest components are the demand.


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Metal Cutting Solutions, Inc.

9674 Colerain Avenue, Ste. 318

Cincinnati, Ohio 45251