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Metal Cutting Solutions Inc.

Productive Solutions for the Metal Working Industry

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MCS Inc presents Heyligenstaedt, Ravensburg, Hermann Kolb, for machines, parts, service and parts.

Tradition in Machine Tools

CNC Turning Machines

Metal Cutting Solutions, Inc.

9674 Colerain Avenue, Ste. 318

Cincinnati, Ohio 45251



Portal Milling Series



Portal Milling Machines for the Tool and Die Industries, for the Mold Making Industries, and for 3D Machining of freeform surfaces.

The MC-series further expands the robust and powerfull machines for general machining applications, like 5-sided machining, multi-technology machining and more.

Table configuratins for single table designs, dual table designs, and integrated mill/turn tables tailor the machine to your needs.

Tool Management and Head Managment features for best machine utilization and flexiblity to your expectations.

Gantry Milling Series



Overhead Gantry Vertial Milling Machines for High Speed

HSC machining with

high velocity features

for 3D free form surfaces.

Combination of conventional and high speed machining modules expand the application range from conventional machining uses to high speed finishing operations.

Machining Module Exchange and Spindle exchange are the standard for the universal machine concept.

The highly dynamic machine concept for roughing and finishing on one machine.

FMS Cells and Systems





For large part production the HEYLIGENSTAEDT milling machines can be integrated in a linked cell configuration for productive and flexible large part machining.

Diesel Engine Cases or Printing Press Side Frame Machining from start to finish with a minimum number of part set ups are just a few of the application areas.

Flexible Production with Heyligenstaedt Machines and other third party machines are flexible solutions with central head management and tool management features.

Metal Cutting Solutions is a partner of HEYLIGENSTAEDT in North America.
Contact us for original HEYLIGENSTAEDT parts, service, applications and machines.
Give us a chance and you'll be happy with our services.
Metal Cutting Solutions, Inc.

9674 Colerain Avenue, Ste. 318

Cincinnati, Ohio 45251