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Metal Cutting Solutions Inc.

Productive Solutions for the Metal Working Industry

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Rapid Radial Drilling
Metal Cutting Solutions, Inc.

9674 Colerain Avenue, Ste. 318

Cincinnati, Ohio 45251



The Other Kind of Radial Drill:
Robust, Accurate, and reliable while rapid, flexible and easy to use. Well thought out features to benefit you.

DONAUALPHA Rapid Radial Drill


The Basic Manual Machine


 The easy to use rapid radial drill, every tool room needs.

* Descriptions and pictures may include additional options.


  A Short Overview



  • More Rapid, More Easy to Use, Easy to Maintain
  • "Floating Headstock" , for easier rapid positioning
  • Self-centering features to speed up the process
  • Several work areas, arranged for more flexibility in work set-up, greatly improving the machine readiness
  • Headstock with operator controls at the face of machine, for better operator control and best ergonomics
  • Manual operation only, or with CNC control support, for automatic repeating cycles also with tool changer
  • Quick setting and inspection features for faster work set-up
  • Travelling column designs for extremely long parts
  • More flexiblity with 5th axis control capability
  • Many options to fit your needs
  • New 2012 Option: DONAUAlpah - Numerical Display with,Programmable Operator Guidance, and part probing to eliminate part scribing

Download the PDF-Flyer: TheRapid Radial Drill

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* Descriptions are based on all options included.


Metal Cutting Solutions is a partner of DONAU in North America.

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Metal Cutting Solutions, Inc.

9674 Colerain Avenue, Ste. 318

Cincinnati, Ohio 45251