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Metal Cutting Solutions Inc.

Productive Solutions for the Metal Working Industry

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Bertsche Engineering
Made in USA 
Metal Cutting Solutions, Inc.

9674 Colerain Avenue, Ste. 318

Cincinnati, Ohio 45251



Milling Machines, Robot Applications, and Toolchangers for CNC Machines

P5 Mill - 5 axis beam profile milling system

Economical milling with 5 axis high speed contouring. Bertsche Engineering Machine for long parts, especially for aircraft. Floor beams, Stringers and other long parts are quickly set up ready for machining with high speeds and feeds.

The concept offers a flexible Bertsche Part



Tool Change Systems - Overview

Bertsche Engineering ATC (Automatic Tool Changing) Systems are available as standard or as custom units for OEM machine tools and for retrofit applications. These robustly built units are designed to reliably change tools over long periods of time in harsh environments. Systems can be configured for stand alone operation, or as integral units for attachment to machine tools. Additional application areas also include tool changing capability in flexible transfer lines. The ATC Systems from BEC have proven themselves to be very reliable in many diverse industry applications.

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iJet Water Deburring - Overview

CNC deburring machine, applicable in particular for medium to large production volumes. Besides options for mechanical deburring, the iJet features multiple workstations for deburring with high water pressures and CNC programmable machine movements. With the iJet machine, parts are clamped by specific gripping devices, picked up either from loading/unloading positions, or conveyer style feeding mechanisms. With a universal, CNC slide configuration, and stainless steel enclosure design, largevolume, high pressure water is efficiently targeted on parts for deburring. Customized workzones and flexible machine programming increase the process reliability and provide flexible solutions with automation.

X-Mill - High Speed Machining Center brings performance to long, narrow part machining

Bertsche's innovative ideas for traveling column CNC machine concepts have secured them a market position, especially for the niche of CNC machining of long and tubular style parts. These highly dynamic machines not only provide high productivity, but they are especially applicable for high speed applications with aluminum and composite materials. Bertsche Machines offer sold in combination with a unique fixturing process on a turnkey basis. The machines are available with multiple workzones in single column or dual column configurations, to allow part fixturing parallel to machining for shorter parts, while for long parts these workzones are combined. Dual Toolchangers or twin column arrangements are available.
The X-Mill is a highspeed long bed milling machine with dual workzones and many customizable features. If the need is for long parts, dual workzones, or special fixtures. The Bertsche X-Mill has standard and customizable options.


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Metal Cutting Solutions, Inc.

9674 Colerain Avenue, Ste. 318

Cincinnati, Ohio 45251