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Metal Cutting Solutions Inc.

Productive Solutions for the Metal Working Industry

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CNC Machining Centers

CNC Milling Machines

Metal Cutting Solutions, Inc.

9674 Colerain Avenue, Ste. 318

Cincinnati, Ohio 45251





ALZMETALL manufactures CNC machines for all types of applications, including continuous 3 axis and 5 axis milling of metals and composite materials. The ALZMETALL edge is based on unique design features resulting to a superior machine rigidity, while maintaining highest machine accuracy and longevity. With ALZMETALL machines you can combine roughing and finishing operations or integrate complex machining tasks on one machine, like in the case of mill/turn applications. These CNC machines offer benefits when working with today's modern, tough to machine materials. Palletchanger, robot partloader, raw and finish part storage, and other automation features are complementing the particular advantages of each series of the ALZMETALL milling machines.

MCS-ALZMETALL VMC High Performance Milling Machines, The CS Series.

CNC machines in knee type design. For all machining tasks: Milling, drilling, boring, tapping, reaming, contouring...

Universal machining centers and milling machines with a work area of 24" to 60" for all CNC cutting operations, when top productivity paired with precision, reliablity, and rigidity is required.

Many machines look alike!
The difference is under the hood!
This is an important fact and even more important for the toughest jobs in the metal cutting industry, as "Made in the USA demands. Highest part qualities and best productivity for the most demanding applications.
 If you don't ask you'll never find out why and how you can profit with ALZMETALL Machines.

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MCS-Alzmetall VMC, high performance vertical milling machines. The CS series is a traveling column design.
CNC machines in travelling column design. For all machining tasks: Milling, drilling, boring, tapping, reaming, contouring...
When a knee type milling machine is just not enough.Or you need higher productivity, or longer part capability is your requirement.

CNC machining for long parts up to 100" in length, or when dual work zones are most productive.

Top performance with higher dynamics and improved rigidity for larger parts. Low cost part loading with dual work zones.

The ALZMETALL FS series offers economical rigidity and performance for larger parts without compromise.

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MCS-Alzmetall VMC and Multi-Tasking machining centers. The difference for productive and accurate performance is in the machine design. Think BIG! - The GS series.

Vertical CNC machines in ALZMETALL overhead gantry design. Recognized by German design award. Top machining performance in it's class.

NEW in 2012 - GS1400 - THINK BIG!

ALZMETALL Open House: May 9-11.

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The ALZMETALL GS and GX series CNC machines match dynamic, rigidity, and precision to the toughest jobs by specific design features. And ALZMETALL customers confirm that the GS series design has proven what it promises - highest performance.

A full line of options better the GS and GX series even more, like for the productive combination of vertical turning operations with high speed milling or general machining. The ALZMETALL Multi-Tasking Machines set the standard in their class. For best flexible productivity, automatic part loaders, pallet changers, multi-part storage systems, and other process automation options are offered.


Application Flyer: (Click on link to view pdf file.)

Airfoil Machining

5-axis programming with OPENMIND

3 axis and 5-axis vertical machining centers and milling machines for conventional, high speed, and high velocity machining. ALZMETALL machines have standard options for multi-tasking, like milling and turning, 5-sided and 3-D machining, roughing and finishing on one performance ALZMETALL CNC.

ALZMETALL Machining Application Examples:

  • Medical part machining
  • Stainless steel, and Exotic materials part machining
  • Glass, Ceramics, and Composite machining
  • Titanium part machining
  • Aircraft engine and turbine housings
  • Airfoils and Compressor fan blades
  • 3-D part machining, 5-axis contour milling
  • Tool & Die parts
  • Aircraft and Spacecraft parts
  • Multitasking applications
  • Mill/Turn applications, like tire forms



For work cubes up to 55 Inch (1400mm) swing or parts up to 100" (2500mm) in length, ALZMETALL CNC machining centers out-perform in their class with productivity, with precision, and with dependability. The growing number of customers in all industries with repeating sales are the proof. ALZMETALL high performance CNC machining centers are used in tool rooms and production departments for all types of metal cutting applications including many applications for composite materials and other exotic materials.

Metal Cutting Solutions, a partner with ALZMETALL in North America, offers you help and support to find the best machine, a more productive process, or new ideas for your machining operations. Or if you just need quality parts or service, Metal Cutting Solutions is your source.

For more information, or quote, send us an email to, or use the provided Contact Us form.