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Metal Cutting Solutions Inc.

Productive Solutions for the Metal Working Industry

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Metal Cutting Solutions, Inc.

9674 Colerain Avenue, Ste. 318

Cincinnati, Ohio 45251



The extremely rigid ALZMETALL GS1400 series is a vertical CNC machining center for all CNC machining tasks, incorporating also full feature CNC turning. The GS1400/5-T is configured for setting milling performance standards in productivity with 3-D contour milling, 5 axis milling, 5-sided machining, or complete machining. The latest Siemens 840DsL series CNC supports the many mechanical machine design features for highest dynamic and speed capacity. And the ALZMETALL overhead gantry design paired with torque drive rotary axes, increases reliablity, accuracy, and performance overall.


GS1400 CNC Machining Center Highlights:


Ÿ Based on ALZMETALL's award winning overhead gantry design

 Ÿ Advanced ALZMETALL cast iron base and frame

Ÿ Superior thermo-symmetrical design

Ÿ Extremely rigid and highly dynamic

Ÿ High torque drive systems for rotary axes

Ÿ Full feature 3-D milling, and CNC-machining

  • Ÿ Robot or pallet loading systems
  • Ÿ Quality, MADE IN GERMANY
  • Ÿ Download the Flyer GS 1400/5 FDT 
  • Working range



    Travel X/Y/Z-axis

    1200 / 1300/ 800 mm

    47.2 / 51.2 / 31.5 in

    Distance spindle-table min./max.

    188 / 988 mm

    7.4 / 38.9 in

    CNC swivel and rotary milling table  

    Rotary and swivel table system (3x torque)

    Torque Motor Design

    Torque Motor Design

    Swivel range of the A-axis

    +/- 140°

    +/- 140°

    Maximum swivel speed A-axis

    100 rpm

    100 rpm

    Rotation range of the C -axis



    Maximum rpm in C -axis

    100 rpm

    100 rpm

    Diameter C –axis clamping table

    ø 800 mm [1200x1000mm]

    ø 31.5 in [47.2x38.9 in]

    8 T-slots (DIN650)

    8 x 18 mm H12 quality

    8 x 0.71 in H12 quality

    Radial T-slot arrangement

    8 x 45° [parallel]

    8 x 45° [parallel]

    Center bore in table

    ø 50 mm H7 precision

    Ø 1.96 in, H7 precision

    Maximum Table load

    3000 kg

    6,600 lbs

    A-axis clearance maximum

    ø 1420 mm

    Ø 55.91 in

    Workpiece diameter on table, max.

    ø 1380 mm

    Ø 54.33 in

    Table top below A-axis center

    100 mm

    3.93 in

    Axis Drive System, maintenance free

    Digital AC servo motors

    Digital AC servo motors

    Maximum axis speed X/Y/Z at TCP*

    82 m/min

    1770 ipm

    Maximum 3-D acceleration X/Y/Z at TCP

    10 m/s²

    1 G

    Maximum feed force X/Y/Z at 40% duty rating

    16,000 N

    3,520 lb

    HF motorized AC spindle motor


    Spindle tool taper

    HSK-A100 [SK50], HSK-A63

    HSK-A100 [SK50][HSK-A63]

    Spindle motor power at 20% duty rating

    82 kW [30 kW]

    110 HP [40 HP]

    Spindle speed range : programmable

    14,000 rpm[18,000 rpm][24,000 rpm]

    10,000 rpm[18,000 rpm[24,000 rpm]

    Spindle torque at 20% duty rating, up to

    500 Nm [140Nm] [100Nm]

    358 [] []

    Tool Magazine


    Tool pockets with 1 magazine [2 magazines]

    32 [64] [120].. each

    33 [66] [120].. each

    Tool diameter, maximum, all pockets loaded

    125 mm

    4.92 in

    Tool diameter maximum, empty pockets

    250 mm

    8.84 in

    Tool length, up to

    500 mm at Ø 80mm

    19.67 in at Ø 3.15 in

    Tool weight capacity

    32 kg

    70.4 lb

    Tool change time about

    4 sec

    4 sec

    Chip-to-chip time about

    7 sec

    7 sec

    Linear scales in X-Y-Z axes, Direct Rotary Scales in A and C Axes



    Positioning accuracy

    +/-0.0035 mm

    +/-0.00014 in

    Machine weight approx.

    31,500 kg

    69,300 lb

     CNC Control

    Siemens 840DsL

    [iTNC 640 Heidenhain]

     Siemens 840DsL

    [iTNC 640 Heidenhain]

    [Addl. Options]




    We ship directly to your specifications, worldwide,

    subject to Export Regulations.

    Metal Cutting Solutions, Inc.

    9674 Colerain Avenue, Ste. 318

    Cincinnati, Ohio 45251